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A Myth-Busting Guide to Sports Massages

26/09/2019 - by Kevin Kennedy

There are many misconceptions about sports massages which stop lots of people with sports injuries from benefitting from one. It’s time to set the record straight. Athletes only It’s common […]

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Recovering After an Ultra Marathon

22/07/2019 - by Kevin Kennedy

Recovering After an Ultra Marathon Ultra-marathons are the new craze, as events like Race to the Stones and the Dales Way Challenge are seeing runners travelling distances upwards of 60 […]

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What to Do After Suffering A Sports Injury

01/07/2019 - by Kevin Kennedy

With regular physical activity, the probability of injury is increased and should you, unfortunately, suffer from a sprain in your ankle or hamstring you need to know the immediate steps […]

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When to Seek Help for Your Sports Injury 

01/03/2019 - by Kevin Kennedy

A sports injury can be a big distraction in your life, especially when it means you must put active past times on the side-line. Many sports enthusiasts may be tempted […]

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Don’t Let a Sports Injury Take You Out of the Game

01/09/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

Having an active lifestyle that involves regular sports activity, while being good for your overall health, can take its toll on your body. If you suddenly suffer from a sports […]

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Sports Massage For Niggling Pain

03/02/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

How a sports massage will help with all your niggling pain Ignoring or medicating for niggling pain? Sports massage may be for you If you have a chronic, nagging, niggling […]

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Stay Ahead with Sports Massages

01/12/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

Having read this blog title, you may be left scratching your head trying to distinguish a sports massage from a standard spa session. If so, then this article is for […]

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Focus On: Sports Massages

02/08/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

Athlete or Amateur Before getting into the whys and wherefores of Sports Massages, it’s vital that we recognise one thing. With many discounting themselves from treatment purely because of the […]

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When to Visit a Sports Injury Clinic

23/03/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

No doubt, Team GB’s sporting prowess at last year’s Olympics left quite the impression on all who tuned in. And yet, the Rio games also unveiled an altogether darker side […]

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