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There’s much more to pain relief than prescription medication and traditional treatments. If you are suffering from pain, stress or tension, holistic therapies can be an effective treatment whilst allowing you to remain in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
Reflexology involves applying pressure to a range of specific points on your hands and feet. It follows a theory that these points correspond with vital organs, glands, tissues and muscles, aiming to help the body function normally and decrease pain. It is an approach to holistic health that many people have adapted over the years and can be effective in treating a multitude of physical and psychological ailments. Here are 5 benefits to reflexology;


The process of reflexology doesn’t only involve the calming feeling of having your feet and hands touched, but can slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and encourage easy and deep breathing. This all adds up to a tranquil and stress-free state-of-mind.

Eliminates Harmful Toxins

Your blood can often carry impurities and toxins through your body, which can have an adverse effect on your wellbeing. Reflexology helps in flushing out these toxins by stimulating qi, the flow of energy, in the vital organs involved in detoxification such as; your liver, kidney, colon, lungs and skin.

Improves Nerve Conduction and Blood Circulation

Reflexology can stimulate over 7,000 nerves in your feet and encourage the expansion and clearance of neural pathways, which can be a source of great pain.  It is also proven to increase overall blood flow, helping the body transport necessary nutrients.

Helps with Pain Relief

According to a UK study, reflexology was shown to be effective in the reduction of pain, working similarly to acupuncture by causing the brain to release chemicals that lessen pain signals.


Promotes Psychological Well Being

When your mind is dealing with stress, your body becomes more susceptible to illness. Reflexology’s holistic approach helps to balance your mind, relieving stress and tension so that healing can happen.

Now that you’ve read the benefits, why not reap them? Call a member of our friendly team on 0191 284 9111 to book an appointment with one of our reflexology specialists, or find out more about how reflexology can help you here.

Kevin Kennedy

Director / Clinical Lead Physiotherapist

Kevin is an Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Pilates instructor with a special interest in neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pain.

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