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Is It Time to Update Your Orthotics?

As one of the many foot treatments we offer in Newcastle, orthotics are one of the most versatile and efficient tools we possess to battle chronic foot pain. They can even alleviate pain in the knees, hips, and back by restoring proper posture and improve biomechanics in your lower body. But you will only feel the benefits if you are wearing the correct orthotics. If your set doesn’t suit your feet, you’re not going to see much of an improvement, and it may even lead to worse pain and posture. But how do you know if your orthotics are right for you? And what are the signs that your current pair needs adjusting?

Length of Wear

Unfortunately, while custom orthotics are generally very durable, and some pairs can last years with good care, they are not permanent. The way you walk changes over time, and so your orthotics will also need to be changed. If you have been wearing your insoles for a while, it’s best to book an appointment for our biomechanical foot treatment in Newcastle to see if you need an insole update.

Visible Defects on Shoes and Orthotics

The role of orthotics is to evenly distribute your weight throughout your feet. If you are noticing uneven scuffing on your shoes, or that they are beginning to wear out in odd places even though you are wearing insoles, you may not be putting the correct pressure on the ground and that’s a sign your orthotics aren’t as practical as they can be. The same goes for the insoles themselves, if you are beginning to notice wear has misshapen them, then it may render them ineffective and can actually cause more harm than good.


Pain is an alarm bell for many issues in your body and if you are feeling it in your feet when wearing orthotics, you should seek further advice. Our chiropodists are well trained in foot treatments in Newcastle and can give you a comprehensive assessment of your biomechanical needs and fit you with brand-new custom-made orthotics.

To book an appointment with one of our experienced chiropodists call us on 0191 284 9111 or book an online appointment here.

Kevin Kennedy

Director / Clinical Lead Physiotherapist

Kevin is an Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Pilates instructor with a special interest in neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pain.

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