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Are Your Feet Fit for Flip-Flop Season?

01/05/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

The sun is peeking through the clouds and the sky is looking brighter, which can only mean that summer is officially on its way. As the temperatures rise, many of […]

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Meet The Physios

02/04/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

The team at Gosforth Physio are always on hand to listen to your problems, examine your lifestyle and give you help or advice to reach your fitness and rehabilitation goals. […]

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Gosforth Physio and Newcastle Pilates: A Combined Wellness Package

01/04/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

We’ve got news for you: Physiotherapy and Pilates is a match made in heaven. Both processes are routed in the engagement of mind and body to encourage better posture and […]

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Breaking Down Biomechanics

05/03/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

You might have stumbled across the term ‘biomechanics’ and been bamboozled or scared by its scientific-sounding name but rest assured, it really is a simple science.  Breaking down the word: […]

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Shoulder Pain: Not To Be Shrugged At

04/03/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

Shoulder pain is one of the most common injuries around, with most people experiencing it at least once in their lives. More often than not, it is caused by imbalanced […]

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Therapy Focus: Acupuncture Assessment & Treatment Sessions

05/02/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

As you will gather from our name, we are all about increasing wellness and decreasing pain for our clients. We have a diverse and carefully-curated offering when it comes to […]

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Sports Massage For Niggling Pain

03/02/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

How a sports massage will help with all your niggling pain Ignoring or medicating for niggling pain? Sports massage may be for you If you have a chronic, nagging, niggling […]

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Chiropody: Best Foot Forward

03/01/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

Whatever 2018 holds, Gosforth Physio and Wellness is helping its clients put their best foot forward with our Newcastle chiropody services. No matter what walk of life you’re from, we’ve […]

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Physiotherapy in the New Year

02/01/2018 - by Kevin Kennedy

Devoting 2018 to personal health? If this is your New Year resolution, then Gosforth Physio and Wellness is giving you a timely reminder of our all-time favourite physiotherapeutic perks. Find […]

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What’s the Deal with Stretching?

05/12/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

A Bit of a Stretch Either you’re about to hit the gym or you’ve just completed a decent run. Regardless of your exercise choice, you’re faced with a decision: do […]

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Stay Ahead with Sports Massages

01/12/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

Having read this blog title, you may be left scratching your head trying to distinguish a sports massage from a standard spa session. If so, then this article is for […]

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Busting Physiotherapy Myths

02/11/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

With the rise of the internet, the modern-day phenomenon of self-diagnosis is positively pandemic. It’s easy to hop onto Google, search your symptoms and come up with a self-created treatment […]

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Kick-start Diabetic Foot Care

01/11/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

With the colder months now upon us, the team at Gosforth Physio & Wellness is aiming to keep clients in peak physical condition, from tip to toe. If you live […]

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Things You Didn’t Know About Acupuncture

01/10/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

Acupuncture is a fascinating treatment, and yet it’s acquired quite the unsavoury reputation, instilling a dull sense of dread in many. As ever, we’re out to prove why this therapy […]

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When To Get Physiotherapy

- by Kevin Kennedy

If there’s one thing we’re against at Gosforth Physio and Wellness, it’s the stiff-upper-lip approach to getting physiotherapy. Rather than put off the pain any longer, we’re sharing some tell-tale […]

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Your Guide to Therapeutic Massages

01/09/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

Whether you’ve heard stories of Swedish and Thai massages or tales of trigger point therapy, we can’t blame you for being a tad confused. After all, where do therapeutic massages […]

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Chiropody: Meet Your Feet

- by Kevin Kennedy

Our feet get a raw deal. Whether you’re on them all day or perched in an office week in and week out, our daily routines have a significant impact on […]

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Pilates Perks

07/08/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

First popularised by the A-List elite, Pilates has since become a solid gym class favourite. And yet, despite its burgeoning popularity, the exercise is still subject to some scorn from […]

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Focus On: Sports Massages

02/08/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

Athlete or Amateur Before getting into the whys and wherefores of Sports Massages, it’s vital that we recognise one thing. With many discounting themselves from treatment purely because of the […]

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Your 3 Step Guide to Chiropody

04/07/2017 - by Kevin Kennedy

With the help of our professional Newcastle chiropodist, we’re giving you reason to jump feet first into your routine chiropody sessions. Learn how our expert podiatrists (don’t worry, this is […]

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