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Conrad Freese
Sports Massage Therapist / Yoga Instructor

Conrad is a Sports Massage Therapist, Structural Bodyworker, and Forrest Yoga teacher with a special interest in injury and rehabilitation.

During the past four years leading his own practice he has studied a number of different methodologies to support treatment for physiological health conditions, including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, Thai yoga massage, acupuncture and kinesiology. By combining these approaches and using the most effective tools, Conrad enjoys helping clients to overcome tightness and injury, for recreational fitness enthusiasts or professional sports players and athletes alike.

With his background in Yoga Conrad is keen to teach Yoga techniques to clients so they can help themselves to relieve discomfort and aid recovery. He says: “Yoga is part of my profession and a lifelong passion: My body needs to be in excellent condition to fully be able to challenge myself and develop as a Yogi. Flexibility, strength, stamina and range of motion are essential for me to get the most of my body. I use the skills Yoga teaches me to help clients with a range of tools to help themselves recover from injury, allowing clients to actively engage with their own healing.”

Conrad arrived in Newcastle to study Marine Biology, going on to complete a Masters in Management at Newcastle University. During this time he became a Yoga enthusiast, using it to help relieve stress and remedy postural imbalances caused by hours hunched over a desk.

After graduating and moving into business he studied Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga, starting to use basic massage techniques to aid his students. His interest in human physiology led him to study more advanced bodywork techniques, helping people to overcome physical issues that impacted their performance as Yoga students and in their everyday lives. After thousands of hours working with people from all walks of life he feels confident in being able to assess and help people with a huge variety of issues, both acute and chronic.

The most important concept in Conrad’s repertoire is Functional Anatomy: what happens in the body is part of a whole system rather than an individual muscle. An issue in one part results in pain somewhere else, with muscle antagonists responding to weakness, tightness and injury creating imbalances within the system. By addressing the system as a whole Conrad can resolve the underlying issue rather than just the symptom, using structural bodywork as a holistic approach to prevent issues becoming injuries and helping the body to heal faster and with less pain.

Beyond Yoga and bodywork Conrad is an avid gym goer, runner and climber. When he’s not in the North East he’s likely gearing up to climb a mountain or scuba diving in warm water. His personal experience with cancer (he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and received treatment at the age of 24) makes him proud to be part of a business supporting the charity Bright Red (

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