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Established in 2015, Gosforth Physiotherapy & Wellness has rapidly carved out a reputation as a physiotherapy centre of excellence in Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East of England.

Gosforth Physio & Wellness founder Kevin Kennedy [BSc Hons, PGc, MSCP, HCPC] has brought together under one roof a team of highly qualified, expert and empathetic clinicians in fields such as physiotherapy, sports injury and rehabilitation, podiatry & chiropody, acupuncture, psychology, pilates, yoga and massage.

Turning a vision into reality


Kevin describes how his long-held vision has become a reality: “When I first qualified as a physiotherapist, I became aware that, although there were many examples of good practice in our profession, complementary services were often fragmented and scattered.

“This meant that many patients with particular issues had to seek out experts in different locations in a bid to solve their problems. It was difficult for patients – and treatments were, by definition, often piecemeal and sometimes almost contradictory.

“I was determined that, when the time was right, I would establish a practice that could deliver the best evidence-based, holistic, physical and psychological services to patients – all in one place”.

Understand – restore – maintain

“At Gosforth Physio and Wellness, we aim firstly to help our patients fully understand their physical, cognitive and emotional difficulties. Our treatments then help patients restore and maintain their optimum health, wellbeing and performance.

“We know that time spent assessing, educating and treating each person as an individual speeds their recovery and helps them achieve their goals quicker”.

Wellness for busy people

“People lead busy lives, so at Gosforth Physio we also offer relaxing, massages to help soothe away stress. Our Pilates classes are run by qualified physiotherapists, and our yoga classes are supervised by experienced, qualified teachers. We also provide talking therapy’s run by  qualified counsellors and clinical psychologists. All of these extra patient services are why we use ‘wellness’ in our clinic’s name”.

What are the advantages of being seen at Gosforth Physiotherapy and Wellness over other clinics?

While some clinics talk about holistic approaches, at Gosforth Physio & Wellness we actually deliver, devising personal treatments just for you, so you can reach your goals quickly.

This means that:

• You don’t have to travel to receive different services
• You are guaranteed high quality, evidence-based interventions all in one place

Whether you use just one or several of our services, you can be sure you will receive the highest quality treatments available, and in a timely manner. We also have good professional relationships with other services (such as The Newcastle Clinic) and we have our own in-house sonographer offering ultrasound scans.  We are also able to refer you for other private treatments (such as MRI or X Rays) if required or requested.

Insurance companies we work with: