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Dry Needling Treatment Newcastle

Do you need fast effective pain relief? Book in with in Expert!

Dry Needling is a highly effective treatment for pain, spasm, nerve irritation and muscle relaxation.

Do you need fast effective pain relief?

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At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we aim to provide clients with the best dry needling treatments. It is a very safe and effective form of pain relief, and here at Gosforth Physio & Wellness we have had great success in using this technique to treat a range of injuries and conditions…

Injuries We Treat

  • Achiles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Neck Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Calf Pain
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Overactive Muscle
  • Gluteal Pain

Dry Needling: how it works and how it helps...

An acupuncture needle is inserted into a trigger point (hyper-irritable muscle knot), creating a local twitch reflex which can be the catalyst for breaking the pain cycle. Research shows that this can decrease muscle contraction, reduce chemical irritation, improve muscle flexibility and decrease pain.

As the needle is inserted into the muscle it ‘cuts’ between three to fifteen muscle fibres. The body responds to this ‘invader’ by activating its immune system, producing an inflammatory response not just locally to the site but all over the body to decrease inflammation systemically. Dry needling is both effective and quick and, unlike conventional acupuncture, does not require the 20–30-minute treatment time that technique requires.

Acupuncture and Dry needling are considered to be a very safe and effective form of pain relief. Your physiotherapist will happily discuss any concerns regarding acupuncture and all other treatments.


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Does dry needling hurt?

It may cause a short term increase in pain. This may last only a few minutes, or in some cases there may be soreness in the area for up to 48 hours. This is followed by an expected improvement in the symptoms.

How many sessions of Dry Needling will I need?

Generally very few. The effects are usually very quick and that’s why it may be sore. Dry needling combined with manual therapy can be highly effective.

Is acupuncture and dry needling safe

Yes, Acupuncture is considered to be a very safe treatment Serious side effects are extremely rare – less than 1 per 10,000 treatments.

Does acupuncture and dry needling have any side effects

A very small number of patients may experience drowsiness after treatment. If affected, you are advised not to drive.

In about 3% of treatments, bruising or minor bleeding may occur after acupuncture.

In about 1% of treatments, mild pain may occur during treatment.

All our physiotherapists are registered with the Health Professionals Council so you can be sure your assessment and treatments are carried out to the highest of standards. We are recognised by all the major private medical insurance companies.

If you are looking for more information check out our acupuncture page, or feel free to contact us with any further questions.

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Thanks so much sorted my tennis elbow with dry needling and after many years of suffering plantar Fasciitis he sorted that too.  Put faith in this guy as he really can make you better.

Martin Garland MD, Newcastle
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