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Pilates NewcastlePilates is an exercise system which promotes core strength, stamina, flexibility, focus, relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Regular practice using precise, controlled movements create core stability by targeting the deep postural muscles, many of which support the back.

Ideal for all ages and fitness levels, the balanced approach ensures no muscle group is overworked; the body moving as an efficient, holistic system, both in sporting and everyday activity.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert to start feeling the benefits! We welcome newcomers and offer beginners Pilates classes to ease you in gently.

“Now welcoming up to 220 Pilates participants on a weekly basis, we’ve increased our schedule to 22 sessions per week.”

Whatever your schedule or ability level, we’ve got a class at a time and pace that suits you. Available week in and week out, our Pilates instructors lead classes for everyone from Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate clients to Advanced and Elite (Advanced+) groups. 

We would always recommend fitting in 2 classes per week due to the significant health benefits, that’s why we offer over 20 classes, morning noon & night plus the weekends too. 

Current timetable (subject to availability – please call)

Private Sessions

Not after a group class? Newcastle Pilates also offers pre-arranged private exercise sessions. Simply contact our team on 0191 284 9111 or fill in the request form below to book this personalised service.

Current Prices & Discounts

NOTE: If you have a pre-existing injury, you may need to be assessed by one
of our professional physiotherapists before commencing a class. 
These one to one assessments are priced at £50 for 40 minutes.

Our Accreditation

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PhysioFit Pilates - delivered by qualified physiotherapists

We humans have been evolving for more than 3 million years – and we seem to have sat down en-masse over the last 30 years! Our sedentary lifestyles lead to weakened muscular systems, stiff joints and, in many cases, pain.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we have the antidote: PhysioFit Pilates

PhysioFit Pilates is not the ‘generic’ pilates that you’ll find in some fitness studios or in the large-group classes run at your local village hall. With PhysioFit Pilates we specifically target the deep stabilising muscles that help maintain our posture and provide a stronger system to enhance our daily lives and our sports performance, too.

It is a unique method of restoring strength, flexibility and function, and is used in the rehabilitation of patients who have had injuries, pain or dysfunction or who require specialist physiotherapy input.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness you’ll always receive instruction from fully qualified physiotherapists with extensive training in anatomy, functional movement, pilates and pain neurobiology.

Our Newcastle class sizes are small; typically no more than 8-10 people. This is really important, as it allows our instructors to constantly observe, correct, teach and develop you individually during your sessions. This bespoke approach clearly sets us apart from the more usual group-choreographed classes you’ll find elsewhere.

PhysioFit Pilates benefits...

PhysioFit Pilates Benefits:

Reduce/Remove Pain

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Pelvis
  • Knee


  • Postural Strength
  • Stability
  • Stamina
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination


  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Pilates: the basic principles

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the core principles of Pilates remain the same:

  • Concentration – the ‘thinking way of moving’. Every movement is a thought process; therefore, whilst practising Pilates exercises, you should focus on the movement and block out all other thoughts.
  • Breathing – as with yoga, breathing is very important (and it’s often the hardest part of Pilates to perfect). As we breathe in we make our ribs expand outwards to accommodate the in-breath – and we breathe out n the greatest effort of the move. This can be difficult to practise at first, but as you get used to the Pilates moves your breathing pattern becomes easier and more natural.
  • Centring – this means stabilising the centre of the body by engaging the pelvic floor and the deep abdominal muscles.
  • Control – Pilates strengthens by using the weight of your body to work against gravity. This requires controlled movements to make the relevant muscles and joints work to their full capacity but, at the same time, not waste any energy. The slower the movement, the greater the strength we gain.
  • Flowing movements – the movements are performed slowly and continuously with grace and control, resulting in balanced and functional training.
  • Precision – this means placing and moving your body correctly and precisely when doing the movements.
  • Routine – maximum benefit is gained by performing the exercises regularly and frequently. Pilates is not meant to be a replacement for other activities but is an additional form of exercise which strengthens your body.

5 Key Elements for effective retraining

5 key elements for effective retraining

  • Activation, stabilisation/strengthening of the lumbar-pelvic muscles
  • Alignment of the neutral lumbar spine- pelvic joints
  • Stabilisation of scapula-thoracic joints
  • Alignment of the thoracic spine and rib cage
  • Stabilisation of the deep neck flexors of the cervical spine

Experts in exercise

We are experts in pain, pathology, dysfunction and movement and therefore can relate to your symptoms, injuries and pains. This is what sets us apart from generic Pilates teachers.

PhysioFit Pilates is taught by our lead Physiotherapist Kevin who has studied, practised and taught Pilates for over 10 years. He has built up a deep knowledge of its restorative effects on the muscular, joint, nervous systems and – most importantly – the brain and your general wellbeing. Kevin’s vast experience of teaching together with his physiotherapy knowledge enables him to adapt the PhysioFit Pilates repertoire for a wide range of clients both in groups and on a one to one basis.

As a highly skilled advanced physiotherapist, Kevin is able to identify any specific weakness, stiffness or tightness within your body. Once all of the relevant information has been collected you will be educated as to the clinical findings and advised if PhysioFit Pilates is the correct pathway for your rehabilitation needs.

We firmly believe that close supervision and expert tuition are the keys to understanding and mastering the principles of PhysioFit Pilates. We ensure that each patient receives the necessary guidance (whether in a 1:1 personal lesson or in a class setting) to help them locate and activate the stabilising muscles of their body. Our PhysioFit Pilates program focuses on effective, efficient movements producing ‘core’ stabilisation. This aids postural correction and enhances sports specific movement patterns.

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Pilates Terms and Conditions 

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