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pilatesMore and more people are discovering that Pilates can bring real benefits to their general health and wellbeing, no matter what their lifestyle, occupation or fitness levels.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we find that many of our clients have heard about the principle of ‘core stability’ – and, naturally, they want to find out more. Here is a short guide…


What is your core?

Basically, it’s a cylinder comprising all the muscles that surround your torso, with your diaphragm as the ‘lid’ and your pelvic floor muscles at the base.

Your core has two layers, the deepest comprising the transverse abdominis (deep abdominals) and multifidus (deep spinal muscles) which together stabilise the spine. Without these muscles the spine is very weak, so keeping them strong is essential.

On top of the deep layer are the rectus abdominus (your ‘six-pack’ muscles), internal and external obliques (your waist muscles) and the erector spinae (the larger muscles on either side of your spine).

Together, your abdominals allow you to flex (bend) and rotate your spine and pull in your tummy, while your back muscles are what let you extend (straighten) your spine and support your torso.

Why are core muscles so important?

Your core muscles are responsible for maintaining posture and alignment when the rest of your body moves. The stronger these core muscles are, the more comfortable and co-ordinated you are when performing all sorts of movements.

A strong core will improve your balance, co-ordination, endurance and will help to prevent injuries.

Modern life pre-disposes many of us to bad posture. Think how much of your day you spend at a desk, in the car, or on the sofa: is your posture always ideal?

Strengthening your core promotes better posture and as a result can reduce or prevent lower back pain: it can also lead to a flatter stomach and slimmer waist.

PhysioFit Pilates and your core

We firmly believe that close supervision and expert tuition are the keys to understanding and mastering the principles of Pilates.

Our qualified physiotherapists ensure that every patient receives the necessary guidance (whether in a small class or in 1-to-1 sessions) to help locate and activate the stabilising muscles of the body.

Our PhysioFit Pilates program focusses on the most effective and efficient movements that can bring about true ‘core stability’. We help to retrain your core muscles so you can achieve postural correction and enhance things like sports-specific movement patterns.

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