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sports injury clinic Newcastle Though having numerous health benefits – both physical and psychological –  sport can place a higher demand on our bodies leading to muscle, ligament, tendon and joint stresses and damage. Sports physiotherapy is a highly specialist area of expertise. We have successfully treated participants from many sports including competitive running, badminton, climbing, mountaineering, hill walking, surfing, tennis, karate, kick-boxing, horse riding, swimming and triathlons – and we also work with weekend warriors, boot-camp burners and gym class junkies!

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we treat all sporting injuries for people of any age engaged at any level of any sport, combining our physiotherapy, sports massage and sports specific rehab services to help you back to fitness faster.

No. 1 Sports Injury Clinic for Newcastle

We believe the scope and level of service we offer makes us Newcastle’s premier sports injury clinic for members of the public who realise the value of being – and staying – active.  We deliver 100% bespoke treatments and solutions for all musculoskeletal sports injuries, while offering education and advice to help prevent problems.

'Better By 5'

Over 90% of our patients get ‘Better by 5’.

If you need any of our physiotherapy, sports injury, sports massage or acupuncture services, you should see and feel a real difference by the end of your fifth session.

It’s what we call ‘Better by 5’.

If, on the other hand, there is no improvement in your clinical condition or in the way you feel – we STOP after the fifth session. At that point, we reassess the reasons why there has been no apparent improvement and, if necessary, we can organise scans and letters to G.P.s and Consultants.

You can be sure that we will never continue treating you unless there is a positive benefit – and only when you (and we) agree on your treatment plan.

Our first class service aims to:

  • Treat Sports Injuries Quickly
  • Restore Strength and Stability
  • Relieve and Eliminate Pain
  • Restore and Increase Movement
  • Prevent Injury Recurrence
  • Speed and Enhance Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries we treat include:

Sprains / Strains Muscle Tears Stress Fractures Swelling / Bruising
Back Pain Neck Injuries Shoulder Pain Elbow Pain
Groin Pain Hip Pain Hamstring Injuries Knee Pain
Calf Pain Shin Splints Ankle Pain Heel Pain

We take our time providing in-depth analysis of your injury, dysfunction, faulty movement patterns or muscle imbalance issues. This is carried out in our fully equipped studio giving us the advantage of observing you from all planes of movement while you demonstrate your sporting movement patterns. Once we have established the cause of the problem we will educate you and discuss the clinical findings. We will also discuss treatment options and time frames required for your return to peak performance.

We can boast a wealth of personal and professional knowledge and experience providing expert assessment, diagnosis, treatment and education of sports specific injuries. Whether your injury is acute, chronic, due to overloading or overuse we can help you back to your chosen sport and educate you on future injury prevention.


Manual Therapy Manipulation Soft Tissue Mobilisations
Trigger Point Release Deep Friction Massage Muscle Energy Techniques
Dry Needling Acupuncture Taping & Strapping
Sports Injury Rehab Core Stability Pilates
Education & Advice Ultrasound Electrotherapy
Strengthening Programmes Stretching Programmes Injury Prevention

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