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Diabetic FootEverybody needs to look after and care for their feet – and this is even more important if you have diabetes.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we have qualified staff who can provide a comprehensive diabetic foot assessment for you.

The assessment includes thorough checks on your nerves and blood supply as well as checks on the shape and condition of your feet.

How diabetes can affect your feet

With diabetes, your body can’t control the levels of glucose in your blood, and there are two main ways this can affect your feet: circulation problems and nerve damage.

Poor glucose control can affect the circulation in your feet. What happens is that the arteries supplying blood to your feet get narrower; if your feet don’t get a good blood supply, cuts and sores don’t heal very well, and you may also get cramps and pain.

High glucose levels can also damage the nerves in your feet and legs. This damage often happens gradually so you can do harm to your feet, sometimes without even knowing it. For example, you might not feel pain from a blister, a cut or a sore. Because you feel no pain, these can become infected if neglected.

Check your feet daily for any problems – and visit your chiropodist, who will check your nerves and circulation and provide you with foot care and advice.

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