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Verruca Treatment

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Verruca Treatment?

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Verrucas are a skin infection caused by the human papilloma virus. The virus invades the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) causing visible lesions to appear on the skin.

Do you want that stubborn Verruca removed?

Good news 

Newcastle Podiatry are our expert Podiatrits working here are Gosforth Physio. We are proud to be one of Newcastle’s most popular destinations for verrucae treatment, providing the highly effective Faulkner Method with outstanding results.


In the majority of cases verrucae are painless and may resolve over time without the need for treatment. However in some cases verrucae can be long-standing and it can take up to five years for the virus to leave your system abefor the verruca disappears.

If your verruca is painful, causes you distress or embarrassment or is continuing to grow or spread, you may want to consider treatments.

We offer a range of safe and effective verruca therapies including the use of salicylic acid, silver nitrate & cryotherapy (treatment using low temperature). We also now offer the latest and highly effective evidence-based Faulkner Method (verruca needling therapy).

Faulkner Method

This is a minor procedure where a very fine needle is used to puncture your verruca repeatedly to break down the tissue and re-introduce the virus into the blood stream. The most common problem when treating verrucae with conventional treatments are that your body does not develop its own immunity to the virus. This is why they often return or spread around your feet and hands. This highly skilled technique is only undertaken by our degree qualified and HCPC registered podiatrist.

How often do I need to get this done?

We have a success rate of over 80% of verrucae’s being fully resolved after 6 months, and of the remaining 20% found a significant reduction in size and pain. In contrast to many traditional verrucae treatments such as cryotherapy or silver nitrate, this treatment option should only ever need to be done once.

Is this painful?

This treatment method is performed under local anaesthetic. We numb a small area of your skin or the entire foot. The anaesthetic will only last for a few hours and minimal pain should be experienced the following day. A fully protective dressing will be placed over the verrucae and the area will be offloaded with padding so that you should not feel discomfort when walking. Regular activities can be resumed within 48 hours, depending on the size and area of your verrucae.

Is needling the only treatment option?​

There are multiple other treatment options such as silver nitrate or cryotherapy which are still beneficial if needling is not appropriate for you due to medical reasons. We always suggest that you discuss treatment options with your podiatrist James, please call 07904 681477.

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