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Having an active lifestyle that involves regular sports activity, while being good for your overall health, can take its toll on your body. If you suddenly suffer from a sports injury, there are steps you need to take to ensure that you heal properly, restore full function and are able to get back to the sports activities that you love – in due time. Here are some of those steps:

See a Sports Physiotherapist

Here at Gosforth Physio and Wellness, we are the no.1 sports injury clinic for Newcastle. We can offer an extensive sports injury service from specialist physiotherapists to help you recover. We deliver treatments and solutions for all musculoskeletal injuries, tailored to your specific needs every single time. Our first-class service helps you recover quicker, restore strength and stability and aims to alleviate your pain.

Look into Sports Massage

If you are looking for sports therapy in Newcastle, one treatment that can be extremely helpful is sports massage. Sports massage is an effective way of treating injuries, pain and anything causing your range of motion to be restricted. Used for treating both chronic and acute issues by tackling both the underlying cause and the pain.

Discuss Alternative Treatments

After suffering a sports injury, there are more treatment options available than you might think. Speaking to your physiotherapist about alternative medicine and other therapies can lead to faster relief. Some of the treatments we offer at our sports injury clinic in Newcastle include; acupuncture, dry needling, electrotherapy and deep friction massage. Not all will be suited to your injury, so it’s best to have a discussion with your physio about what is best for you.

Prevention of Further Injury

Sports injuries are painful and can often take a long time to heal. One of the most important things we teach you in your sessions with the physio, is how to stop it from happening again. By educating you on how to exercise safely and pace yourself, you can prevent further injury and therefore further pain.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we have a sports injury clinic for people of all ages engaged in all levels of activity. By combining our physiotherapy, sports massage and sports specific rehab services, we help you back to fitness faster. Call our friendly team on 0191 284 9111 or email to find out more about our services and how we can help you.

Kevin Kennedy

Director / Clinical Lead Physiotherapist

Kevin is an Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Pilates instructor with a special interest in neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pain.

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