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Recovering After an Ultra Marathon

Ultra-marathons are the new craze, as events like Race to the Stones and the Dales Way Challenge are seeing runners travelling distances upwards of 60 miles. With this much activity, the possibility of sustaining an injury is drastically increased, so while proper training and execution are crucial, it doesn’t stop there. Our physiotherapists in Newcastle can help ensure you are recovering from ultra-marathons in the most effective way to minimise any damage and keep you at peak health.

Sports Massage

Reducing soreness, stretching out your muscles and relieving built-up tension, sports massage after intense activity can be an effective and pleasant way to rehabilitate. Our fully trained massage therapists can not only help minimise post-run pain but also advise you on the best way to care for your muscles.


Acupuncture, much like sports massage can be an effective way of helping your body recover.  A holistic and pain-free treatment, acupuncture can be effective at restoring and recuperating muscles and energy flow after forceful exercise


While we would recommend avoiding exercise for a while after your ultra-marathon, Pilates is an excellent way to stretch out your body to avoid muscles seizing up and any loss of body strength recovery.

Sports Injury Therapy

If you, unfortunately, suffered an injury during your run, then there are important steps you must take to avoid permanent damage. Our sports injury therapy can restore strength, eliminate pain and prevent injury recurrence.

Consult a Specialist

Our physiotherapists in Newcastle know the effects that intense exercise has on your body, so book an appointment today and find out how we can help you get back to full health after ultra-marathon.

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